Our flagship, fully-digital tooth alignment system. These clear appliances come with a full treatment plan, are cost-efficient, and have produced beautiful smiles since 2015.

What we need from you

ProLiners require full maxillary and mandibular scans in .STL format, or accurate and precise physical impressions. Records to begin aligner treatment can include:

  • CBCT scans
  • facial and intraoral photographs
  • full-mouth or panoramic X-rayss

Treatment plans include

  • 3D models of the patient’s present and projected teeth alignment
  • a video showing planned movements
  • recommended interproximal reduction
  • any necessary attachments

If the case is pre-approved, it goes forward to be produced and delivered. If approval is necessary, the treatment plan is sent for approval.

More relevant information regarding the case helps to refine the treatment plan.

Interproximal reduction

For cases where arch space is limited, it may be necessary to create space for the teeth to fit into alignment. Our treatment plan may include a schedule for interproximal reduction that indicates the amount and position of the reduction.


These are composite buildups on the surface of the teeth which incorporate anchorage and retention, directing forces to enable tooth movement. If attachments are part of the treatment plan, you’ll receive a template to fill with composite and cure on the tooth surface.